Welcome to my blog. My name is Concilia Ndlovu. I'm a South African currently living and studying in the USA. In the midst of my dad getting broke and in extreme debt I scored a merit scholarship and one day went from a ghetto school to studying with the world renowned former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner  Nelson Mandela's grand kids and many other influential people's kids.  I'm using this platform to document my experiences as a poor teenager suddenly thrust into the exclusive world of the hyper privileged; thus turning my world into a complicated avalanche of privilege and poverty. I remember riding in the bus to begin my new journey at my new school and drifting into a cloud thinking all my troubles were suddenly gone and my life would now be perfect ... or was it?   





    "The darkest hour is just before dawn." - Italian Proverb

    Prep (private) schools went on holiday while public schools re-opened for their second school term but I'd made a choice to not go back to that forsaken place! I wouldn't let  my recent disappointment and rejection determine my future. St Campbell College thought they were too good for me but I figured it was their loss because there was another school out there that will see me as an asset not a liability... 



    Something had risen in me. Something I can't even explain, it was a wave of bravery. For some unknown reason, Hlayisani changed her mind about walking with me to St Campbell College but I was determined to go even without her and nothing could stop this desire burning in me...



    I'd began limiting myself to merely seeing the beauty of the world and general life experiences through my camera lens and phone screen NOT my eyes and senses!I quit because I now want to read books before bed instead of newsfeeds, be present in my relationships, focus on my goals, take unplugged travel adventures where i'll actually talk to locals not invinsible "followers"... 




    • Is for this space to serve as a catalyst for change, creating an inspired experience for those facing severe hardships. I am using my authentic voice to share with others, that they too, can have a miraculous positive shift in their life.
    • Create positive shifts in others lives
    • To share an inspired experience
    • Inspire others to be their own change maker
    • To make anyone going through poverty that there is no shame in being poor and there are many ways to transcend poverty and obstacles to reach for your God-given purpose and dreams. 
    • To encourage other people to share their own stories of overcoming challenges