Oh hi there!

My name is Concilia- unusual right? For the the longest time I was very self-conscious about having an Italian name that had nothing to with my identity as an African whatsoever. As a result I'd let me people alter my name or shorten it to all sorts of things that were more convenient for them to remember. Now  I've grown into a woman I love and respect, I look at those moments and realize I've come a long way in my journey to where I am today living and studying in the USA .  I've live in New York City, Washington DC and traveled around USA to amazing cities. That is just a chapter of my life. There are chapters I couldn't talk about for a long timebecause I was ashamed of owning my story. I feared the judgement from my peers. Coming to USA was like a rebirth to me, I slowly started finding my creative voice, my true personality, favorite style of dressing, my faith and so many other instances that have moved from beinga people-pleaser to my genuine self and living my truth and faith out loud.

Basically when I was a teenager in the midst of my dad getting in extreme debt I moved from a decent catholic boarding school in the midst of my dad getting in extreme debt, to a "ghetto" school on the roughest sides of Johannesburg downtown. It seemed my life was over but suddenly something happened that I wasn't ready for and you have to stay tuned to this blog as I willshare my story here under the memoir section.  If you love Gossip Girl and Gilmore girls then my life story may interest you yes it features Prep Schools (private schools) and later on New York City and Washington DC! I hope this can be a little escape for you from your busy lives. 

I'm currently taking a break from social media you can read more about that in one of my posts. As a result all my material and photos will the shared through this blog.  However, feel free to drop me comments or email me- I always respond as soon as I can! 

Grab a cup of tea, coffee, wine and lets be internet friends!