Dear reader,

Thank for stopping by and I'm glad you did. My name is Concilia Ndlovu and my last name literally means elephant in Zulu. I'm from South Africa and have been living in the United States since January 2015.  I began blogging in 2012 but recently decided to shut down my previous blogs in favor of this one. It has taken me so long to finally share this blog because I kept trying to improve things. Recently it dawned on me that if this blog is truly my voice and therefore a reflection of me then it does not need to be perfect because I am not perfect either.

From an outsider looking in my life it is easy to conclude that my life is filled with some form of privileges. However, from my own experiences and perspective looking out; I'm just a girl from humble beginnings who dared to believe there was a seat for her at the table. I decided to not rest on my laurels anymore but to stand up and be a voice for the less privileged and empower others to change the narrative of their own lives as I am doing.

Why a blog on minimalism , money issues and such? I'm glad you asked. I realized that in the world of social media it seems everyone has a glamorous life but beneath those contoured faces, perfect bodies, Gucci shoes and perfectly curated Instagram photos are quiet pleas of desperation, lies and sometimes debt.  My goal for this blog is to not sell you a perfect dream life but to show you how to use less resources you already have to to make the most of your life through intentional planning and effective strategies that have helped me too. . This will blog will focus on helping you learn how to cut out all excess junk in your life, home, relationships, work, school, wardrobe, finances and most importantly to stop keeping up with the Joneses. 

I too used to think that in order to travel or pursue any hobbies I needed to be rich. However not all of us are Bill Gates, an heir/heiress, royalty, Hollywood actors or the Woolf on Wall Street. This used to bother me because I felt trapped in a life I did not choose or want. It always seemed like the stratification levels were closed off from being ascended. However, in the last few years I gradually realized I did not necessarily need more money to live a meaningful life but more wisdom and strategic planning. I began to research effective ways of living a fulfilled life with less resources and low and behold I discovered MINIMALISM .

l also hope to inspire you to realize that just like me and with resilience, hard work and unwavering faith; you too can unleash your scariest dreams and having hope that it's never too late to begin again.  I want to use this platform to share my story and tools that will inspire many people going through one challenge or another to dream bigger than their current circumstances. 

Honestly, I also hope to make you laugh a little bit through my satirical blog "Musings of an ex Loner".  Yes to many people who know me today, they think I'm a social butterfly with many friends but the truth is beneath all these layers, I was that socially awkward teenager who was always the last to be picked in teams and couldn't get a scrub even if I wanted one (reference to  TLC). I hope in this process we'll become internet friends! To get to know me more personally, Check out my Vogue 73 Questions under (Musings of an )



Concilia aka Former Lonely Girl C*